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Netflix’s Squid Game x Love Hour x KRC Activation

Since its debut on Netflix in September 2021, the Korean survival drama Squid Game has become an obsession for everyone. With over 142 million households viewing the series, which helped Netflix add 4.38 million new subscribers, Squid Game‘s cultural hold is undeniable.

In the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles on October 23, Netflix hosted a pop-up in collaboration with local business Love Hour and community Koreatown Run Club in the Love Hour parking area. I assisted in translating, designing, and producing assets within this experience.

Filled with pink game workers monitoring the area, the space was designed to emulate the field area in the film. There were players in track suits roaming around as they rested in bunk beds and prepared for a game of Red Light, Green Light. In another section, well-dressed men with briefcases played ddakji with players and handed out to winners a mysterious business card to obtain dalgona/ppopgi candy.

Fans of the series were free to come and participate in the games and offered a variety of photo ops. Although there was no prize money to be won, participants were given free Love Hour meals for their time and the experience of being part of Squid Game.

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