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GRACE KTOWN is a multi-disciplinary designer and DJ based in Los Angeles with a love for branding, marketing, and experiences.

As a Designer, she uses personal experiences to bring culturally relevant experiences to life within the structure of strategy and insight. As a firm believer that life is meant to be shared, she is passionate about projects that connect people and cultivate community. For the past 8+ years, she has served in various industries as both a lead designer and creative manager.

Grace is currently available for freelance design opportunities.

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As a DJ, she’s been immersed in LA’s vibrant music and creative scene since 2011. As a result, her live shows and mixes are a genre-bending experience that celebrates diversity of the city and her community.

She aims to bring people closer together through dancing and singing, as well as inspiring others to approach music with curiosity and discovery. Her favorite genres to play with include Hip-Hop, R&B, Future Beats, Funk, Soul, Afrobeats, House, Baile Funk, Reggaeton, K-Pop—just to name a few.

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Thriving in Los Angeles ︎